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Who is Upward Web Design?​

“As the President & CLO of iFLY Indoor Skydiving, I deal with multi-million dollar contracts with sophisticated clients who need to be well-informed of the exceptional company that we are & the products we deliver.
Hunter and his team at Upward Web Design took our previous old & outdated website and turned it into a professional, solid, and beautifully built website that we are proud to send our potential clients to. I am very impressed with the end-product and would recommend Hunter for any and all website design & development needs.”

— Kevin Fiur, President @ iFLY 

Upward Design Process™

We’re a bit different than most. We appreciate hard work and doing things the right way. So we don’t attempt to design and develop at the same time, as many do.
Instead, we have a two phase process of walking you through both a design and development process. This consists of designing mockups from scratch and then taking your custom designed mockups and pixel-perfectly converting them to a beautiful and functioning live website.

Built for the future. Built to last.

We utilize the best technologies with our clients' futures in mind.

We not only keep our clients’ present needs in mind, but also their future needs. We use the most powerful and widely supported technologies that allow us to create anything you can imagine using custom coding, but keeping the back & front end clean & simple, allowing for easy client edits and maintenance moving forward.

Upward Development Process™

After hearing the requests of many of our clients, stressing the importance of them being able to easily maintain the website and make basic changes to the website as they think up new ideas — we have found a solution. We now build all of our client websites using an incredible technology that will not only allow us to build you the custom website of your dreams, but also allow for you to get in and make changes in a user-intuitive way unlike any other technology to date.

Upward Commenting Technology

Point-and-click revision request technology that saves us all our valuable time.

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

You’ve heard the phrase before — here at Upward, we realize your time is valuable. So we have created a seamless process from the start-to-finish of the project, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies that eliminate the back-and-forth feedback that eats up your time.
We have a point-and-click technology that we use in both the design and development phase. This allows us to simply send you a link where you to quickly make your revision requests, and send it back to us for implementation. We repeat this process until the design and live website both are 100% dialed in and exactly what you dreamed it would be.

State-Of-The-Art Technologies

We use a combination of technologies to make the process seamless and save your time. From our point & click feedback tool, to our user-intuitive website builds — we leverage everything possible to make the process & product exceptional in all regards.

Seamless workflow? Check!

We’ve all been involved in a project of some sort before where requests and tasks get lost in slews of long email threads. We’ve learned the hard way and now use a web application called Asana™ that allows all parties to track progress, send requests, and never miss a beat.

We Deliver.
Every. Single. Time.

We Deliver.
Every. Single. Time.

No excuses. Above anything else, we seek to always deliver on our promises, and to this day you wouldn’t be able to find one unsatisfied client. This is who we are — we take pride in it & believe it the biggest factor that sets us apart from our competitors.
We provide a product that we can always deliver on, and we plan to keep it that way. If you want an exception website, you are in the right place. If you need additional things done, we have partners to recommend you to who specialize in their craft.

Fixed Pricing.
No Retainers.
No Monthly Fees.

While most agencies nowadays are trying to get you locked into a monthly retainer, we always agree on a fixed-price and scope of work for every project, and we deliver on that promise every time. We always give complete client rights and ownership of all content to our clients. When your website gets launched, you are handed the keys. But of course, we are here to help with anything you may need in the future. We aren’t going anywhere.

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